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Writers Worth Reading

Kathleen Kohler


Judy Bodmer - Author of When Love Dies: How to Save a Hopeless Marriage, and What's in the Bible for Mothers. If you need encouragement, visit where Judy shares openly how she and her husband worked through their own marriage struggles.

Lydia Harris - Are you a grandparent? If so, you won't want to miss Lydia's book, Preparing My Heart for Grandparenting; for Grandparents at Any Stage of the Journey. Visit Lydia's blog at for insights and fun tips on how you can be a successful grandparent.


Kate Lloyd - Kate's gifted writing will carry you to another place where characters confront struggles faced by many of us. Find out about her latest book, Leaving Lancaster, at

Carol Welty Roper - Weaves a powerful story about new beginnings in her historical novel, Tilly's Song. Read about Carol's latest writing at

Books for Kids

Marty Nystrom - Author of Zack, You're Acting Zany!, and Don't Mess with Moses!, a fun way to introduce your children to Bible stories from the Old & New Testaments. Available online and in bookstores.

Lisa Schroeder - My ganddaughter and I spent a whole weekend reading Lisa's first book for tweens, It's Raining Cupcakes. Then we made cupcake memories in the kitchen from her recipes included in the book. Lisa also writes books younger children and has several teen novels available.

Favorite Blogs:

Pat Larson - With Pat's vivid descriptions of nature and powerful use of imagery, you'll feel the rain drops on your face and taste the sweet fruit of summer. Certainly a gift to this reader.

Saralee Perel - Always a fun read, Saralee, known for her humor, has contributed to numerous Chicken Soup for the Soul books, is an award winning author, and nationally syndicated columnist.

Candy Troutman - Is an inspirational speaker and her blog is filled with insights and wisdom about life.

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