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Everybody Needs a Cheerleader

I sat in Bible study with a group of women who appeared to have control over their lives. What would they say if they knew the turmoil mine was in? Consumed by pain and hopelessness, in my heart I prayed, "Lord, please give me something to hang on to." Our son's involvement in drugs had stripped me of any self-worth or confidence. I felt like a complete failure as a mother. I needed help, but wasn't sure exactly what kind, or how to get it.

Diana's gifted teaching compelled me to attend her weekly study. She had a passion for living and was a wellspring of spiritual insight. Time spent with her brought peace to my otherwise chaotic life. ...Read more

What! No Chocolate?

"Fat, female, and forty," the doctor said to me as I sat in his office. "I'm sorry but you fit all the criteria for having gall stones, and the ultrasound shows you have quite a few. That means you're going to need surgery."

Well, he couldn't have made it any plainer than that. I didn't mind the female part, but fat and forty? Didn't he know how many times I'd tried to lose weight? I'd drop 20 pounds and over time gain back thirty. Disgusted with myself, I scheduled the surgery and left his office. ...Read more

The Refresher Course

Women of all ages chatted their way into the church fellowship hall and found a seat around one of eight tables for our current Bible study. Asked to facilitate one of the groups, I'd studied and prepared all week. With twelve women in my group, I couldn't wait to hear what each had discovered from the week's lesson. But when I asked if someone wanted to share their answer to the first question, one young mother said, "I didn't have a chance to read the chapter."

Another woman added, "I read the lesson, but didn't have time to answer the questions."... Read more

White Cadillac Woman

I looked up at the clock on the wall. Thirty minutes left till closing. It had been a long day and I was ready to put the closed sign in the window of the bookstore and go home. Just as I took out the bank deposit slip to write in the date and record the checks, a white Cadillac pulled up in front and parked at the curb. A sophisticated woman who could've stepped off of a fashion runway entered the store. She approached the counter carrying a Gucci bag. I recognized her perfume -- expensive.

"Do you have a Bible?" she said. ...Read more

Written in Gold

Like a parent who has you by the shirt collar, I could no longer avoid the Lord's constant pressure. I stood before the counter at my local Christian bookstore and agonized over my decision of which Bible to purchase.

For three weeks the Lord had given me an urgent shove to give Cindy, a former neighbor, a Bible. But fear held me captive. I was afraid of rejection, afraid of putting a wedge in our friendship. I prayed, "Me, Lord? Are you sure?" ... Read more