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Treasure Seeker

Kathleen Kohler

Read Psalm 119:161-168
I rejoice at Your Word as one who finds great treasure. Psalm 119:162 (NKJ)

That day our family was panning for gold at a nearby river. We sloshed into the water at the river's edge and positioned the sluice box, a grooved trough used for separating gold from sand and rocks.

My husband scooped in a shovelful of river bottom. Water flooded the box washing away weightless grains of sand. Dead leaves and twigs floated to the surface. We cleaned out the debris along with larger rocks and pebbles. We scoured the bottom of the trough for precious flakes of gold.

As I watched I realized we are like the river bottom, filled with debris. But when we dig into and apply God's Word to everyday circumstances, the Lord filters the junk from our lives. With Him as our guide, we seek, and He helps us discover the buried treasure in His Word. As Scripture permeates our hearts and minds it cleanses us from destructive emotions. Ephesians 4: 31-32 tells us how to deal with bitterness and anger. Philippians 4:6 helps us confront our anxious thoughts. The Bible offers answers to the wrong attitudes that block us from being the people God created us to be. We discard the worthless and cling to the gold. Transformed, our lives shine with substance and lasting value.

Prayer: Thank You Lord for the priceless treasures You reveal to us from Your Word.

Thought for the Day

The Psalmist tells us if we love God's Word and obey Him, then nothing will cause us to stumble.

Prayer Focus: To apply God's Word to my life.

** Treasure Seeker appeared in the Mar/Apr. issue of The Upper Room magazine

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