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Recommended Resources for Writers

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  1. The Chicago Manual of Style
  2. The Synonym Finder- J.I. Rodale
  3. Christian Writer's Market Guide
  4. Writer's Market- Robert Lee Brewer

How-To Develop Your Craft

  1. The Story Within by Laura Oliver
  2. An Introduction to Christian Writing- Ethel Herr
  3. On Writing Well- William Zinsser
  4. How to Write What You Love and make a living at it- Dennis E. Hensley, PH.D.
  5. Travel Writing; see the world, sell the story - L. Peat O'Neal

Encouragement & Inspiration

  1. Writing to Change the World- Mary Pipher
  2. A Cup of Comfort for Writers- Colleen Sell
  3. Escaping into the Open; the art of writing true - Elizabeth Berg

Magazines for Writers

  1. The Writer
  2. Writers Digest


The Christian Writer's Guild program provides one on one mentoring with writers and editors who work in the publishing industry. I took their two year program and sold my first article before I finished the course.

Helpful Websites

  1. Northwest Christian Writers' Association,
  2. Purdue University online writing lab (OWL),
  3. Writer's Market,

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