My Writing

I've wanted to be a writer since first grade. But like many women, I devoted myself to raising a family and later worked while my dreams lay dormant in a drawer. Then several years ago my husband said, "Just quit your job and do what you've always wanted to. You've put in your time."

As soon as I could, I quit my job and went after my dream. The life of a writer isn't easy. I've set writing goals and worked hard to achieve them. I've now published in a number of magazines including Discipleship Journal, and Focus on the Family.

I'm a real woman who writes from my gut about real stuff. The kind of stuff that keeps you on your knees and awake at night. I've experienced the ups and downs of raising kids and building a marriage strong enough to go the distance. My life has been touched by financial hardship, disappointment, and cancer. But I've also been blessed and scooped up joy along the journey.

Most of what I write comes from personal experience. My faith runs deep and influences my entire life, including what I write. I believe God holds the key to the answers for all that ails the world.


I'm a country girl at heart, but have lived in the burbs most of my life. Of all the houses on the block, ours looks like a piece of country heaven. The fragrance of lavender and roses permeates the air. Red, pink, and salmon Oriental poppies poke their heads through a white picket fence. The backyard boasts an apple and cherry trees, blueberry bushes, and a vegetable garden.

I also enjoy sipping tea over a good read, traveling, beach combing, and treating my grandkids to lunch dates. And, I'm an aspiring watercolorist.

My Favorite Things

A warm mug of Godiva hot chocolate on a rainy Northwest day
Reading to my grandchildren
Playing Scrabble with my kids
Long walks, especially in the fall
Watching the birds, squirrels, and raccoons that come to my yard, along with the
occasional butterfly that flutters through.

My Family

I grew up in the Pacific Northwest where I still live with Loren, my husband of over 30 years. Together we raised three beautiful children. And like any family, we struggled through job changes and moves during those early years. Loren worked and I spent fifteen years home schooling our kids, an opportunity I loved. But kids grow up; two married and have blessed us with seven wonderful grandkids. Life is good!