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House Hunters

Scanning the yellow pages each realtor I called echoed the same response. "Without a down payment, I can't help you." Click.

To shorten my husband Loren's hour commute we decided to move closer to his job. Rather than try to find a rental willing to accept three growing children and a dog, we hoped to buy our own home. Though we lacked cash for a down payment, we scoured newspaper real estate ads. "Needs a little TLC" and "fixer upper" described houses we could afford. ...Read more

Trouble in the Backyard

A pair of purple finch taught us that you can only experience the future by leaving the past behind.

A flutter of feathers at our birdfeeder, diving and dodging one another, demanded my attention. I looked out the window and scoured the flower beds and lawn to see if the neighbor's cat was disturbing our backyard sanctuary. But there was no sign of Mariah lurking about as I'd suspected. ...Read more

Nature's Perfection

"Are you kids ready to go find that perfect Christmas tree yet?" my husband Loren called. "Come on, let's go."

Bundled up tight in heavy coats, gloves, and bright-colored stocking caps, Ben, Joe, and Bethany came crashing down the stairs taking two at a time.

"Daddy, can we bring Charlie?" ...Read more